Alison, originally from Australia now resides in a beach town outside Barcelona. She has worked for Academic Institutions, Start-ups and extensively in the NFP sector for over ten years. She has a BA in Political Sc. & Communications and graduate studies in Psychology and Spanish & Latin American Studies. She is due to commence a Masters in Storybook Production and hopes to one day become a documentarian. She is available for temporary positions as well as research gigs, grant writing, account management and generally anything a little different she finds fascinating.

"El Jefe"

"El Jefe"


"Jefe", is the geek extraidonaire that knows all of the short cuts and tricks involved with new and emerging technologies. He speaks English, German, Catalan and Spanish. You may have met him recently at Mobile World Congress or TED talks..


“Alison is a talented copywriter with the ability to nail the brief get a message across in an appealing way. She has a great work ethic and is pleasant to work with. I thoroughly recommend her.”
— https://www.discourser.online/reviews/