Castelldefels, Barcelona

Castelldefels is a great family destination. It is close to Barcelona, about 20 km southwest and near El Prat Airport. It is equipped with two train stations, one at the beach (Platja de Castelldefels) and the other in the town (Pueblo). There are buses that leave from Passeig Maritimo (the main street near the beach) for Barcelona. But, you can be in popular Passeig de Gracia by train in under 30 minutes ,from there you can walk, take the metro or use one of the many town bikes waiting in the racks.

If you want to come for summer or make the more permanent move, it has something to suit most. But, a few simple facts on living here, it is expensive thanks to soccer players such as Messi and Suarez making it their home and numerous other Catalan/Spanish celebrities. It is full of expats and I mean FULL. Visibility wise majority are Russian, you will find menus in Catalan, Spanish, English and Russian, occasionally German.

What is great about living here? Well the beach, it is 5 km long, that’s spread over Pineda Beach, Lluminetes Beach, and Apeadero Beach. In summer, the beaches are lined with Chringuito’s they are temporary bars right on the sand, usually offering popular Catalan tapas and cold beer, some offer live music like Ananda, they all vary, but are of a good standard across the board. Chalito is popular as apparently some guy called Suarez owns it? Any idea? Tiburon and some others have swings and play houses for kids and are friendly places, people don’t get so drunk here like in other countries so it is somewhere you can safely and comfortably take kids. Along the beach, every 150 metres  or so there are outdoor play equipment for kids, so everyone can enjoy the outdoors without any costs. Parking is difficult to find in the town and beach side area, not impossible but challenging! 

If you are into water-sports there is the where you can hire all of your water gear, for super cheap ( it is about 80 EUR a month) kite surfing is very popular here all times of the day and year round. At the end of the beach heading towards Sitges is La Ginesta, which is full of lovely restaurants (mostly with poor service, tell me if you find somewhere decent) and if you want to stay in a boat for the duration of the stay, this is it. 

There is also The Olympic canal, called Canal Olímpic de Catalunya, built for the 1992 Summer Olympic Games of Barcelona in the town for canoeing, water skiing and other fun activities. Casal  commences in June/July summer holidays), or “Colonias’ are summer activity groups for kids are priced about $88 per week, but places are often limited.

There is also the Castelldefels Castle  which you can see from most parts of the town, there are some lovely gardens to take a stroll, where many of the locals walk their dogs of an evening. However, the castle itself it open one Sunday a month, it is nice, small, and  not the most fascinating castle in Europe by any means. Its first mention was in the 10th century and was the site of some grisly murders, so if you like ghoulish stories make the trip.

If you want to visit the beach but be close to Barcelona or escape crowded beaches elsewhere, I absolutely recommend Castelldefels for a day trip or a weekender. If you like cycling, it is popular spot with large groups leaving Castelldefels and cycling to Sitges or enjoying the mountains in Castelldefels or The Garraf National Park. There are lots of public bikeways in and around Castelldefels and cycle tracks in the Garraf National Park.

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