Consensual Sex Workers or Trafficked Sex Slaves? Why Spain needs to implement the “Sex Buyers Law” - NOW!

An International campaign led by a former sex slave Danielle Douglas trafficked in Boston MA working to spread awareness petitioned the Merriam Webster online dictionary to remove the word ‘pimp’ from it’s dictionary and find a suitable replacement. Douglas’s argument, and rightly so, was that previously the online dictionary published that a ‘pimp’ simply was ‘a man who solicits clients for a prostitute." This is not realistic at all. 

"Pimps use fear, force, and coersion to abduct human beings and sell their bodies for money. They are usually violent and abusive, and can use various tactics to keep the human beings under their control. The pimp never solicits anyone; they exhert as little energy as possible…” (Douglas). 

The campaign was successful and after 21,117 signatures Merriam Webster vowed to change it in the next online addition. It now reads: “a criminal who is associated with, usually exerts control over, and lives off the earnings of one or more prostitutes’. 

Although, Douglas’s campaign had a US focus, it is a global problem. Her campaign claims that ‘history has been changed’, an obvious win, for former sex slaves who feel they now have more value placed on their lives and revealed truths about ‘Pimps’ and ‘Madams’ 

But, how important is this linguistic switch by ceasing using the word ‘pimp’ and addressing sex slavery. Will this open up a real dialogue about sex slavery and bring real legislative changes to a global problem. With each country and their municipals using different approaches and laws?

Different societies hold divergent attitudes towards prostitutes and paying for sex. There is the continual glamorisation of ‘pimps’ in Film and TV and by popular music artists male and female alike? How do we make the people paying for sex aware that their consumption is effecting the well being of women? 

In my adopted country Spain, studies reveal those paying for sex are becoming younger and younger and many hold little regard for the women. Spain is home to ‘The Paradise’ opened in 2010 in la Jonquera (Girona Province) the largest brothel in Europe. It is clear reading the reviews about the brothel on Google reviews that it is true, the women are not valued as human beings.

The ‘patrons’ brag about their experience, as if they had visited an amusement park or restaurant. Here is a sample of a review from a typical Google review about the club ‘The Paradise’.

Arnaud Decourtet 10 months ago

(Translated by Google) ‘ Heartwarming welcome Girls remain professional approach us but I chose a small Cuban Monica a real gem voluntary, committed and good with that, I really enjoyed myself. I gets off serious ….! I will return it on’

After, searching through all of the reviews, I found one that hinted at care for the well being of the women : Andreu Reus 4 weeks ago (Translated by Google) : 'Beautiful girls but sadly treated by clients as objects, they pass them from one to another, they touch them where they want. The Paradise of the Romanian mafias'

It is clear society needs education and awareness on sex trafficking. Yes, we are free to use our bodies as we wish but majority of these cases are with coersion of some sort. According to current information on the website for Foundation Scelles a staggering 80 percent of the prostitutes are female and include minors aged from 13 to 25 and that globally there are 40-42 million prostitutes. 

In my adopted country Spain, prostitution is a part of daily life. Barcelona is full of proud feminists but many turn the other way to the so called 'oldest profession in the world' or 'oldest oppression' which is made up mostly of foreign and illegal undocumented workers. How easy it is to look the other way. 

As, a brothel owner told me "Post Franco, we don't want to lose any of our human rights and that includes buying sex whenever we want, wherever we want, from whoever we want".

To note, Spanish women haven't been represented in brothels for close to thirty years. Recent studies reveal that over 90% are immigrants and reveal triggers for trafficking. It is obvious consensual workers are few and criminality in Spain is clearly out of hand. Front liners propose radical changes to border policy, the introduction of the "Sex Buyers Law" aka the #nordicmodel, longer jail sentences for human traffickers which currently matches the sentence for rape at 7 years. Also, for victims to be able to denounce and prosecute their traffickers without fear of reprisals for themselves and their families. The issue of compensation also needs to be bought to the table, Spain has the resources to fight this - why aren't they? The monies seized from criminal gangs trafficking in persons, arms and drugs should go to the rehabilitation of those who have been damaged by #humantrafficking.


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