At times choosing a charity to support can be overwhelming. But there are many ways to support, it doesn't always need to involve handing over your hard earned cash. You can donate your time and skills to volunteer helping communities, animals or the environment. Sometimes, the power of the pen pushes forward valuable change, so there are many ways you can add your voice. I change this section randomly, when new initiatives catch my eye. If you have a wonderful project that is helping the world, drop me a line and we may be able to publish it here.

Photo@Andrei Niemimäki

Photo@Andrei Niemimäki

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Many weeks of care involving careful feeding, farrier work, veterinary attention, and other therapy transform the rescue mares into happy, healthy horses. Duchess Sanctuary staff and volunteers pour their hearts into their rehabilitation and the results have been worth all of the efforts. These horses will never go hungry again, and have become part of the permanent herd at the sanctuary. They now join 200 other horses rescued from slaughter, starvation, neglect, abandonment, and the pharmaceutical industry. With your help, they will live out their lives safe and roaming freely on 1,120 acres of horse haven.

Horses both domestic and wild are still in peril in the United States. The Fund for Animals rescues equines around the country and gives them new lives at our sanctuaries and adoption center.

You can help a rescued horse! Rehabilitation can be costly, but your generous clicks today can support recovering horses.


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