About THe Team

We are a Barcelona based group of international largely content writers, social media managers, translators, visual media and transmedia professionals.

We can provide you with over night copy, translations in English, Spanish and German. You may need something small, let's say you want CV crafted for a new market or a book review, some social for your small to medium size business, you may need a longer term project with start to finish communications. Perhaps, something a little more quirky or an autibiography written as a gift for a family member or friend. We have done it all and are happy to do it again.

"Alison is a great Communications Officer. She is enthusiastic and resourceful. She has great written and communications skills, and is also a pleasure to work with"
LAURA GRENON Responsable Communication et Marketing produit chez Oxbow SA

“Alison is a talented copywriter with the ability to nail the brief get a message across in an appealing way. She has a great work ethic and is pleasant to work with. I thoroughly recommend her.”

Read the sample autobigraphy that was given as a gift.

We work to your schedule and deliver on time

We work to your schedule and deliver on time